App 3.6.0 and Firmware 2.9.0 Release Note

App 3.6.0 and Firmware 2.9.0 Release Note

Dear Yarbo Community,

Exciting news! We're delighted to announce the release of our latest firmware and software update, overflowing with an abundance of new features and enhancements! This transformative update is poised to elevate your Yarbo experience, guaranteeing that your interactions with our platform are not only more enjoyable but also remarkably efficient.

With the release of App 3.6.0 and Firmware 2.9.0, we are thrilled to introduce numerous new features that were contributed by many of our users. Furthermore, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to those users who generously shared their experiences and findings to help us optimize the device. 

It's inspiring to see how your feedback has directly influenced the development of new features and improvements. Your input is the cornerstone of our innovation, and we deeply appreciate your contributions.

Our mission remains steadfast: to continually refine Yarbo's performance and features, fueled by the brilliance of your ideas and the passion in your demands. We implore you to continue sharing your remarkable insights and aspirations, for each contribution is a vital brushstroke in painting the canvas of Yarbo's future.

To ensure we capture all your valuable suggestions, please share your feedback by commenting below or by emailing us at We eagerly look forward to hearing from you and incorporating your ideas into our future updates.

Thank you for being an essential part of our journey. Together, we'll continue to create the best possible experience for all Yarbo users.