Apply Grease to the Track

Apply Grease to the Track

Grease helps maintain smooth rotation of the drive and road wheels, improving performance and extending service life.
Upon several operations, grease may degrade, so regular refills are necessary.


There are a couple of scenarios in which we suggest applying grease to the tracks of your Yarbo:
  • When you sense that your Yarbo has not been greased for a while and its motion might be hampered due to this. 
  • When you hear noise from the track while operating the machine. 
  • When you notice the track becoming unattached from the main body during your regular machine inspection. 
  • When you see that the track is covered in snow and it might cause rust inside.


Before application, please:
  1. Make sure Yarbo is turned OFF.
  2. DISCONNECT and REMOVE Battery Pack. 

How To Apply

To apply grease, follow these steps (please kindly refer to the video attacted):
  • Use a brush, apply the grease on the gaps between the bulging parts on the inside surface of the track. 
  • Make sure all the gaps are covered by grease.
  • Repeat the same process on the track on the other side.

For optimal performance, please inspect the track and apply grease regularly during the snowing season.
While various grease types are suitable, we recommend opting for high-vacuum grease for optimal performance.

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