Warning: Do Not Operate Yarbo Except on Solid Ground

Warning: Do Not Operate Yarbo Except on Solid Ground

let Yarbo thrive where it belongs - on the ground, in the heart of winter.

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    • 【Must Read】Safety Guidelines about Yarbo

      Product Usage For the safety of yourself and your property during product usage, please adhere to the following guidelines: WARNING: Keep Away from Children: Never allow children to operate the product. Adult Supervision: Only let adults operate the ...
    • Warning: DO NOT Step or Sit on Yarbo

      Please note that Yarbo is not designed to carry any passengers.
    • Caution: Clearing Ground Obstacles Before Using Yarbo

      In preparation of operating Yarbo before each storm, please clear the pathways and areas of any debris. If it can damage a traditional two-stage snowblower, assume it can damage Yarbo. If foreign objects are in Yarbo’s way, it has the potential to ...
    • Warning: Do not Touch the Heating Film near the Side Camera

      Cautionary Measures and Operational Precautions: Do not touch the heating film near the side cameras. This caution is especially important when the heating film reaches temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit when Yarbo's ...
    • Warning: Do Not Leave the Power Cable for the Docking Station Exposed

      Installation Necessity and Cable Protection: Securing the Cable Ramp is crucial to safeguard the Power Cable. When users install the Docking Station close to a wall, a weak GPS signal may occur, causing Yarbo to veer away from the Docking Station. ...