【Troubleshooting】How to Fix Wi-Fi Channel Issue?

【Troubleshooting】How to Fix Wi-Fi Channel Issue?

Please kindly refer to the content below for your reference if the Yarbo rover cannot be detected on your mobile device due to the Wi-Fi channel issue. 

Switch the Wi-Fi Channel with Yarbo Tool

Step 1: Download and install the latest version of the Yarbo Tool on your laptop.

Step 2: Connect your laptop WiFi to the Yarbo rover's hotspot. The default hotspot name should be something like "Yarbo_rover_XXXX". The password for the initial connection is set to "87654321".

Step 3: Launch the Yarbo Tool application on your laptop. Turn on "Connect Yarbo". Verify the serial number shown matches the serial number on the Yarbo rover unit you are connected to.

Step 4: Select "Wifi Channel" from the left menu. Click the "Switch Channel" button and verify the number of current channel shown is between 1-11. Note: The loading time may be long or the interface may be stuck, please check whether the Wi-Fi is disconnected.

Switch the Wi-Fi Channel within the APP

Step 1: Begin by connecting your mobile device to the Yarbo rover's hotspot. Locate the default hotspot, typically named "Yarbo_rover_XXXXXX," and use the initial connection password set to "87654321."

Step 2: Log in to your Yarbo Account and navigate to the Account homepage. Click on "APP Diagnosis."

Step 3: Access the Yarbo Fix page by clicking on the settings icon.
Step 4: On the Yarbo Fix page, locate and click on "Switch Channel." Confirm your selection by clicking the checkmark icon "✅" when prompted.

Step 5: Wait for the page to load. A notification will appear, indicating that the channel has been switched successfully.