How to Use Snow Plow Blade Mode?

How to Use Snow Plow Blade Mode?

  • The plow blade mode can only be enabled or disabled when the snow blower module S1 is installed.
  • The auger in the work plan will automatically disable once the snow plow blade mode is enabled.
  • By default, the plow blade mode is disabled.
  • It is not advisable to activate the plow blade mode without installing the plow blade on the auger housing. 
  • Once the plow blade mode is enabled, the route mode for work areas cannot be adjusted and is defaulted to parallel routes.
  • Adding a new area to the map remains active in plow blade mode. However, please note that the route for the new area defaults to parallel in plow blade mode.
  • Before activating the plow blade mode, it is recommended to adjust the module height for pathways and sidewalks to an appropriate level based on the terrain within the modify page. This adjustment can help prolong the lifespan of the plow blade.
  • On the plow blade mode page, only the parameter settings for the work area can be customized. Parameter settings for pathways and sidewalks must be customized through the modify page. Adjusting the parameters for the work area, sidewalk, and pathway at the same time will be developed in the future update. 
  • The parameter settings of the pathway and sidewalk in plow blade mode are applied to snow blow mode synchronously.
  • The "Double Clean" option is enabled by default to improve snow cleaning efficiency. 
  1. Navigate to the Yarbo settings page: Navigate to the setting menu. This can usually be found by tapping on the setting icon on the device page. 
  2. Scroll down the settings page: On the Yarbo setting page, scroll down until you locate the option labeled "Plow Blade Mode." 
  3. Click on "Plow Blade Mode": Tap on the "Plow Blade Mode" option to access its setting. This action will open up a menu for configuring the Snow Plow Blade mode.
  4. Enable the switch for Plow Blade Mode: Slide the switch to enable Plow Blade Mode. Once enabled, the auger in the work plan will be turned off automatically, and you will have access to additional parameter settings for the working area.
  1. Adjust parameter settings for work area: Within the Snow Plow Blade Mode interface, you will have access to parameter settings for a specific work area. These settings may include:
  1. Auger Minimum Height: This setting determines the minimum height of the auger above the ground level. The initial default setting is positioned at the center. At this height, the wear bar of the plow blade makes slight contact with the ground, achieving a balance between snow cleaning effectiveness and smooth operation of Yarbo. You can adjust the auger to a suitable height as needed, depending on the terrain conditions.
  2. Overlap: This setting adjusts the amount of overlap between each pass of the Yarbo during its operation, ranging from 0 to 8 and 16 inches. The initial default value is set to 16 inches, and the Overlap parameter settings cannot be adjusted while Yarbo is in its double clean status. 
  3. Route Angle: This setting allows for the adjustment of the snow plowing path in various directions by modifying the value within the range of 0° to 180°, ensuring diverse operational directions for enhanced efficiency. The default angle is set to 0°, aligning parallel to the shortest side of the area. 
  4. Cleanup Trace: This setting adjusts the route by a certain distance, ensuring that any snow left on both sides of each pass is cleared up when Yabro runs its double clean. It is enabled by default within the double clean section and can be turned off if needed.
  5. Double Clean: This setting improves cleaning efficiency by directing Yarbo to perform a second pass over designated areas and is turned on as default. The parameters for the second cleaning can be customized, excluding the Overlap setting.

You also can access parameter settings for the work area within the modify page:
  1. Access 'My Map' Page: Begin by clicking on the icon located in the upper-right corner, directing you to the 'My Map' page where you manage and customize your map settings.
  2. Enter Modification Mode: Click on 'Modify' to enter the modification mode. This mode will allow you to access various customization options. 
  3. Select the Targeted Area: From the available list, choose the specific area you intend to adjust to by clicking on it.
  4. Access the Settings Page: Once selected, click on the associated settings icon to open the dedicated settings page for the chosen area. This action opens the settings page dedicated to the chosen area, allowing you to make detailed adjustments according to your preferences.
  5. Choose Plow Blade Mode: Select 'Plow Blade' to customize the parameter settings specifically for this mode.

On the plow blade mode, the parameter setting of the pathway and sidewalk needs to be adjusted within the modify page if necessary. Please refer to the following guide for locating the settings page when the plow blade mode is enabled.

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