Inspect Yarbo Regularly

Inspect Yarbo Regularly

Yarbo, a technologically advanced robot, is designed with numerous complex components that work in tandem to deliver high-performance operations. 
  • To ensure the sustained performance and longevity of Yarbo, we strongly recommend regular inspections, especially of the parts that are constantly in motion during operations. 
  • Please keep an eye on signs of wear and tear, rust, and snow accumulation on these parts, and undertake regular maintenance and replacements as necessary. 
  • If Yarbo is not slated for operation for an extended period, ensure it is stored in a cool, safe place.

What and where to inspect:

  1. Auger: Please check for broken shear pins by operating the auger. If the rotation is significantly slow or stuck, the shear pins may need repair or replacement.
  2. Impeller: Please verify it is not obstructed by accumulated snow or other objects.
  3. Discharge chute: Please look out for frozen ice, which might block the snow discharge. We recommend melting the ice in a warm place and then wiping off the water.
  4. Deflector: Please ascertain whether the spring is broken or frozen by ice.
  5. Track: Please evaluate whether there is accumulated snow or if it's overly taut. In such cases, Yarbo's movement could be hampered due to a non-functional track, potentially leading to an overcurrent driving motor. 
    1. If there is accumulated snow, please control Yarbo to move back and forth to squeeze it out. 
    2. Please apply grease on the tracks regularly.
  6. Cameras: Please ensure the camera is in good working condition, clean, and without obstructions.
  7. Antennas: Please check if they are covered by accumulated snow
  8. Docking station and RTK: The stability of the docking station and RTK is fundamental to Yarbo's performance. 
    1. Please conduct regular checks to ensure their stability. 
    2. Please monitor the signal of the RTK periodically to guarantee the accuracy of the map and cleaning areas.
  9. Battery pack: 
    1. Please verify if the battery has remained inactive for an extended period of time. If so, please make sure to give it at least one 15-minute charge every three months. 
    2. Please check if the operating time per full charge has significantly decreased. If so, it is advisable to consider replacing the battery.

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