Instruction for Sidewalk Feature

Instruction for Sidewalk Feature

What is Sidewalk´╝č

The Sidewalk feature is a sophisticated element designed to establish connections between diverse areas without encountering constraints. It also functioning as a versatile pathway, adeptly facilitate seamless connectivity, offering an efficient means of navigation between distinct zones.

Where to Find Sidewalk?

  • Begin by clicking on the "Map" icon located in the top right corner of Yarbo's homepage.
  • Look for the "Modify Map" button within the map interface.
  • Click on "Modify" to access the Sidewalk option.

How to Use Sidewalk?

  1. The route of the sidewalk is determined by how you guide Yarbo to draw a sidewalk on your map, which is a personalized route not generated by a closed shape.
  2. The sidewalk must be connected to an area or pathway. 
  3. A sidewalk on the map can be a continuous line that allows for turns. If you wish to use the sidewalk feature to clean an area without creating a work area, you can either create multiple sidewalk lines within that area or establish a continuous sidewalk with turnarounds, resembling a U shape.
  4. A sidewalk is a single linear path, distinct from a closed area, and it can be seamlessly connected to specific areas. 
  5. The sidewalk cannot be cross the no-go zone.
  6. The parameters of each sidewalk can be customized. 
  • Initiate Sidewalk Addition: Locate and click the "Add Sidewalk" button on the toolbar.
  • Start Drawing: Click on the "Start" button to define your sidewalk on the map area, please ensure that the sidewalk is connected to an area or pathway.
  • Select Throw Direction: Slide the boundary to indicate the direction of snow throwing for the sidewalk.
  • Complete Drawing: After selecting the throw direction, click on the "Next" button to finalize and conclude the drawing process.
  • Confirmation: Confirm the drawn sidewalk and its designated direction. If satisfied, proceed with any additional steps or save the changes.

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