Keep Yarbo at its Best Performance

Keep Yarbo at its Best Performance

Before and after every operation, DO:

  1. Check the status of the discharge chute

Operating with a clogged discharged chute can significantly shorten the motor's lifespan and lead to subpar snow removal performance. 
  • SHUT DOWN Yarbo before cleaning a clogged discharge chute.
  • NEVER use your hand to clean the chute. USE the tool provided in the package.
  • KEEP HANDS AWAY from the auger and impeller, as they might harm your safety no matter if they are running or not.
  1. Remove accumulated snow from Yarbo's surface. 

  • For your safety, remember to wear gloves.
  1. Inspect the auger, housing, impeller and shear pin. 

  • If any shear pins are broken or if the scraper bar and skid shoe show signs of excessive wear, replace them with new parts.
  • Additional shear pins, scraper bars, and skid shoes can be ordered from authorized Yarbo dealers.

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