Protect your Yarbo with Machine Covers

Protect your Yarbo with Machine Covers

To protect your Yarbo, we offer a machine body cover and a module cover when your Yarbo won't be in use for extended periods.
These covers are designed to safeguard your machine from dust and debris. 

How to Apply 

  • REMOVE the Battery Pack and make sure Yarbo is stopped. 
  • Detach the module part from the universal body of the Yarbo. 
  • Place the module cover over the module part. Be careful and gentle when you cover the chute.
  • Similarly, place the machine body cover on the body part of the Yarbo. Extra care is required when covering the RTK antennas. 
  • Make sure all surfaces are covered and remember to tuck the track in.

The covers are designed to give your Yarbo maximum protection during idle time.
It's essential to be gentle when removing the covers from the chute and the RTK antennas to avoid any possible damage. 

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