Remove Accumulated Snow on Yarbo after Operation

Remove Accumulated Snow on Yarbo after Operation

During the snow season, Yarbo's frequent outdoor operations can lead to snow accumulation on various parts. This could potentially impact Yarbo's performance and efficiency. Therefore, it's essential to inspect and remove the accumulated snow regularly. For your safety, remember to deactivate Yarbo by removing the battery pack and to wear protective gloves.

Frequency of removal 

We suggest removing the accumulated snow after several operations for optimal performance and prolonging the lifespan of Yarbo. Regularly inspecting Yarbo will help determine if snow removal is necessary. 

Parts to inspect and remove accumulated snow

  1. Auger and Impeller:
    1. Regular snow removal from the auger and impeller prevents rusting. 
    2. If there is accumulated snow, please carefully remove it using a clean-out tool.
    3. Before conducting the cleaning process, please wear protective gloves to guard against any sharp edges. 

  2. Chute:
    1. We recommend cleaning the chute each time Yarbo finishes operation and returns to its charging station, especially when dealing with wet or partly wet snow. This prevents any blockage that might hinder the next operation of Yarbo.
    2. If there is accumulated snow, please carefully remove it using a clean-out tool.
    3. If the snow becomes ice, we suggest moving the chute to a warm place and melting the ice, and then swipe off the water to ensure thorough cleaning.

  3. Antenna: Please carefully and gently clean the snow accumulated around the antennas to prevent obstruction of the RTK signal, which ensures that Yarbo's navigation system functions correctly.

  1. Warning Light:
    1. The warning lights display Yarbo's status, indicating whether it is active or stopped. 
    2. Please regularly swipe the snow off of the warning light to ensure that Yarbo's status is always visible, thereby increasing safety. 

  2. Joint between the Universal Body and the Module:
    1. Please inspect the accumulated snow on the joint part regularly; if you have applied the snow ice cover, please remember to dispose the accumulated snow on the cover. 
    2. Before conducting the cleaning process, please check if the module can be lifted up and down with the controller, keep it at its lowest, then disconnect the universal body and the module. 
    3. If there is accumulated snow, please gently remove it using a clean-out tool.

  3. Deflector: Please regularly clean the slot between the deflector's two parts with a clean-out tool, so as to ensure smooth adjustments during operation. 

  1. Docking Station:
    1. Please check the docking station and its surrounding area for any accumulated snow. The piled snow might deviate Yarbo's working path and hinder its ability to align properly for recharging, thus regular cleaning is crucial. 
    2. If there is accumulated snow, please use a shovel to remove it and ensure a clear path for Yarbo's return-to-charge process.

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