How to Store Yarbo After Winter?

How to Store Yarbo After Winter?

As winter approaches its end in many areas, it's time to prepare your snow blower for off-season storage. Spending time on prepping the machine for long-term storage will not only help maintain its performance but also improve its longevity.

1, Battery Care

There's no need to remove the battery for additional care; you can leave it on the main body. However, if you prefer to store the battery pack separately, ensure it's kept in a dry, cool place.

Furthermore, for users who haven't purchased the lawn mower module, allowing the battery pack to remain inactive for an extended period may reduce its performance and lead to fast degradation. We recommend charging the battery pack for at least 15 minutes once every 3 months.

2, Clean the Exterior

Start by thoroughly cleaning the exterior of Yarbo. Remove all dirt, ice, and snow residues to prevent rust and corrosion. Wipe it down with a wet cloth and mild soap, then thoroughly dry it afterwards.

3, Remove Any Rust with Sandpaper

The auger of your Yarbo might develop rust over time due to constant contact with snow during operation. Easily manage minor rust spots with sandpaper before storing it.

4, Lubricate the Track

Grease is essential for maintaining smooth rotation of the drive and road wheels, enhancing performance and prolonging service life. Apply grease to the track before storage. Refer to the video tutorial for specific lubrication guidelines for your Yarbo. If you have questions about choosing grease lubrication, consult the comprehensive guideline provided.

5, Use a Snowblower Cover

To protect your Yarbo during storage, it's recommended to cover it with our customized machine cover and module cover. Covers prevent dust and debris from accumulating on your S1 while not in use.

6, Store Yarbo appropriately

Store it to avoid direct sunlight and open flame.

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